January 3, 2011

2011 Knitting Plans

Toward the end of 2010, I cast on so many projects I surprised myself.  Even more shocking is that I managed to finish 3 of the 5.  So that got me thinking, I need to Plan this year's knitting for maximum efficiency.  I had planned on going to Stitches South, but I realized that I would rather spend that money on more yarn and actually make some sweaters...you know, improve my skills, before I go to Stitches South...

So here are 2011's knitting plans:

  1. Finish the following projects:
    1. Bedroom Blanket:  I cast on for that on April 3, 2010!  Time to finish up.  Besides, it is currently longer than I am tall.  Then I need to determine if I'm going to keep it or gift it to someone.
    2. Henley Perfected:  I really wanted to knit this.  I was perfect for my sensibilities and I knit it in a linen/cotton blend perfect for South Florida.  Now I'm worried if it will turn out OK because I'm pretty sure I goofed up the armholes.
    3. Convertible Mittens:  I'm finishing these before I fly into Wisconsin next week.  I'm rather fond of my fingers.
    4. Felt Beret for Mom:  This is actually a never ending project, since she wants one in every color under the sun.
    5. Print O' the Wave Stole:  I wanted to knit this so much.  It's a beautiful project.  But I despise the yarn.  Cobweight and I will never be friends but the colorway is so pretty I'm determined to finish.
  2. Begin (and End) the following socks (Ravelry Links):
    1. Firestarter in Inca Sportlace Hand-Painted
    2. Baroque in Cherry Tree Hills Supersock Blossom
    3. Rhombus in KnitPicks Stroll Tonal in Blue Violet (although this may change)
    4. Sunrise Chevron Socks but the yarn is undecided
    5. Bifrost in Noro Kureyon Sock Mt. Fuji Paths
    6. Bex in Cherry Tree Hills Supersock Loden
    7. Naive Socks but the Yarn is undecided
    8. Mermaidia in Cherry Tree Hills Supersock
    9. Twinkleberry
    10. Oak Leaf Socks
    11. Spring Forward
    12. Elfine's Socks
    13. Farfalle Sock (This is the backup Pattern)
  3. Knit three Sweaters
    1. Sweater Girl Pullover:  The Yarn has been wound, the pattern copied and sizing notes made, everything is ready to go.
    2. Hey Teach!:  Again, the yarn has already been purchased and the pattern has been printed.  Just waiting to get started.
    3. Deep V Sweater:  Yup, the yarn has already been purchased and the pattern has been printed.  Just waiting to get started.
    4. The February Lady Sweater:  This was supposed to be the backup pattern, but I get the feeling I might make this first because I'll get more use out of this.
I also made the obligatory promise not to buy more yarn.   Then I completed my $100 order from KnitPicks, thereby breaking my New Years promise on New Year's Day.  :)  I like to start as I mean to go.

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