January 25, 2010

A consultant's life

consists of sitting in airports, driving to airports, and navigating the security lines!

I'm glad that Tampa has such a nice airport. Horrible TSA agents but a nice airport. They even have a "Business Center" in the airport with outlets and desks for laptops and free wi-fi. So when my flight is cancelled/delayed/whereabouts unknown/"manually defrosting at the gate" (read "sitting in the sun until the frost melts off"), I can sit in the business center and work.

So, I promised to update this blog over a month ago and, in true Victoria fashion, I haven't done it, I've been racked by shame at my inability to find anything to write about, and I'm resolved (daily) to do better. So here I go:

  1. The best way to follow me now is Twitter (www.twitter.com/veiland). I'm forever updating Twitter with the silly stuff I see in NYC and my consultant's life.

  2. I've been knitting like a fiend. In the past month, I've finished, well....look at the FOs in the side bar. Lots of hats and a pair of socks...(now realizing I left a hat in the washer after spinning the water out to block it. Oh well).

  3. I'm a loyal Delta Airlines Fan. As much as Delta has been screwing me this month, I still prefer Delta. Don't know why....I just do.

January 18, 2010

90% Done

I am 90% done with the Lordana Boucle Jacket, but I have a problem.


I keep looking at this jacket and thinking to myself, "I want to frog this..."

I was rereading "Knitting in Plain English" and I realized that this is one of those sweaters that needs seams. The sides need seams. The shoulders need a better bind off. I need to finish both sleeves...

And looking at this pictures depressess me because I realize that this item has been a UFO for almost 2 years now....that's pathetic.