January 29, 2012

2012! A Milestone Year!

Wow, how time flies!The last time I updated my blog it was January 2011.....now, it's January 2012 and I'm back again. I would recap the year, but there isn't much there to get excited over...

  • Started working for a new client in January 2011
  • Left project October 2011
  • Placed back on the project (in a off-site consultant capacity) from October 2011-present
  • Picked up new client in November 2011
  • Gained entirely too much weight
  • Knit entirely too little
  • Bought Entirely too much yarn
  • Had new flooring put into house (Yay!)
  • Bought iPad, cracked screen horribly, bought new iPad...refuse to allow this iPad to know anything but the luxury of its case.
  • New cell phone....same crap coverage inside my house.
  • Ran up Credit Cards...Then manage to almost completely eliminiate CC debt
  • Paid off my car (Woo Hoo!!!)
Yup, that's pretty much a recap of 2011.  So, what am I hoping for for 2012?  Well, this is one of those milestone birthday years....and I don't really have anything planned, which is depressing me.  So, I guess the big goals are:
  • Remain employed (Always important)
  • Out of debt by my birthday
  • Stash away more Emergency Fund money
  • Come up with decent milestone holiday spot
  • Lose Weight (always a goal, even if it isn't obtained)
  • Buy less yarn (already off to a bad start there.....33 skeins since January 2)
  • Blog more....Already up one post for the year.
Speak of which, I finally figured out how to get more blogging done this year.  I purchased Blogsy for my iPad and this is the first post I'm using it on.  I love it.  It combines all the application I use most in blogging in one app and if it weren't for the fact that I'm hunting and pecking with one finger (although rather quickly).  so let's see if this was a decent purchase.

I decided to get involved with Sock Knitters Anonymous's Monthly Sockdown Challenge.  I started back in October and managed to finish that sock. I didn't finish November's sock in time and, to add insult to injury, I've managed to lose one sock!  However, I did complete January challenge and not only did I complete it, I finished TWO socks in one month!!!  Ha!!!

Sock one: Early Spring by Janice Kang.  Knit with SWTC TOFUtsies in color way 923.  I enjoyed knitting these, but I worried the entire time because the yarn is ~48% cotton and soy (meaning elasticity might be an issue).  I was proven horribly right, but they're still a great pair of socks.
Sock two was the ever popular Hermione's Everyday socks.  Talk about a fun pair of socks to knit!  The only reason I didn't finish this in three days is because occasionally I have to put the knitting down to work.  Umm, yeah I've been wearing the socks around the house, on my new (and dusty) floor.  Why do you ask?

I'm literally chomping at the bit to start February.  February's sock challenge In Sock Knitters Anonymous is:
  • Moderator Madness Month – we’re bombarding you with all the things you SHOULD have voted for just because we can :) 
  • Technique: Knitting for a Cause or Mosaic/ Slipped Stitches or Self-Striping or Illusion Knitting 
  • Designer: Kerin Dimeler-Laurence, Lykkefanten, Kate Blackburn
So, for February, I'm going to knit Clover and Ivy by Kate Blackburn For Sock Knitters Anonymous.

For The Solid Socks group, the challenge is Spring or a mystery sock designed by LauraJ.  Since I'm not big on mystery socks, I'm knitting one of LauraJ's old patterns, BDY February 2011 KAL, in a suitably "Springy" color way.

I'm actually excited about knitting again and returning to my blog.  I look forward to the new year now.