July 24, 2010


Isn't it a great feeling when you attempt something that serves to illustrate how much experience you've gained since you first learned to do it?  I remember the first time I made a sock. . .well, a sock-like object. That sock would only fit a person with extra-wide feet and cankles.  The important part, however, was that I followed a sock pattern and ended up understanding how socks were created, how gussets work, and why those weird instructions actually worked to create something that would cup the feet.

Since then, I've made plenty of socks and hats, but I still had my own personal Rubicon to cross:  Sweaters.  That's right, there are absolutely no sweaters in my repertoire.  Why?  Well, let me see:

  1. I'm a plus-sized woman, which means:
    1. There's a shortage of patterns to work with (Big Girls Knits, notwithstanding)
    2. I don't like most plus-sized patterns
    3. All those patterns require a great deal of yarn
    4. I really didn't have the money to buy the yarn required
  2. I tried making a sweater once before but it was a disaster, because
    1. Instead of trying to follow a pattern and learn the basics, I tried to modify the pattern from the beginning.
    2. The sweater in question wasn't even for me; It was for my dad
    3. I was a really slow knitter, so I was easily distracted and bored
All the items above meant that sweater knitting, for me, was more of a hassle than a joy.  However, I started reorganizing my yarns last month and realized that it was a shame (and really ridiculous) that I had so many cardigans and pullovers in my Ravelry Queue, but I never knit them.

Hello Rubicon.

I had the yarn in question, I had the time necessary, I just needed the right project.  I started the Cambridge Jacket 2 weeks ago thinking that it would take me at least a month.  I am proud to report that at 5:20 this morning, I bound off the second sleeve and threw everything into the washing machine for a quick bath before blocking.

Now I wish I hadn't drunk so many cups of tea.  I need to sleep.

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