August 12, 2010


I've been watching Clean House all week. It's an exercise in amusement and bemusement.  My favorite part is watching the homeowners, who have presumably watched the show and know what's going to happen, try desperately to hold on to their stuff.

However, it is making me look around my house and wonder what I would get rid of if Niecy and company blasted their way into my house.  Thankfully my house isn't very cluttered, just slightly messy.  So I started thinking, what would Niecy and Company want me to get rid of the most, my Tigger?

Eh.  That might not hurt.

What would hurt?

The Yarn.  Yeah.  I would put up a fight over the yarn.  So, just out of curiosity, I pulled a spreadsheet from Ravelry and did some quick math to determine how much yarn I have.


That was the total for the yarn, in stash, that I had prices attached to.  71 yarns didn't even have a price attached.  So, that means that I probably have over $2000 of yarn...


I have ~$2000 of yarn in my house.  That means that the stash is easily the most expensive collection of anything in my house.  The stash is worth more than the TV, the computers, any other single item.  I have in yarn what I am trying to save for wood floors.

Whoa...Clearly, I need to rethink some priorities. Perhaps I won't put so much in the yarn budget each month...

I'm glad I have alarm system on the house.

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