September 27, 2012

Holiday Knitting? Already???

As much as I hate to acknowledge it, now is the time to start thinking about Holiday Knitting. Yeah, Christmas is only 3 months away, so in the true fashion of a procrastinator, I'll start planning now, ignore the plan, then knit like mad starting 3 days before Christmas.

And not finish.

So, once I finish 2 more pairs of socks, I will have officially completed the Sock Knitters "unofficial" 12 socks in '12 KAL". I signed up to knit 30 pairs of socks on May 28 and I'll probably reach my goal by mid-October 2012. 4 months to knit 30 socks (smh) . . . gotta stop sniffing the wool fumes. Anyway, I'm also thinking I'll cut back to two socks a month on the sock knitting to make room for the holiday knitting.

I'm looking forward to the possibility of a project that's just a bit bigger. I had a queue of 2012 projects that I've wanted to complete all year and I'm just now acknowledging that the majority of those projects will never see the needles, but some of them will. I'm determined.

Remember this:
I'm getting really desperate to cast on Semele. The yarn has been ready for months now and my fingers are itching for a pattern that doesn't involve turning a heel (more on that after the jump). This is what's on my project page in Ravelry: 
Originally queued: July 25, 2011 
Project created: January 28, 2012 
Hibernating: May 14, 2012 
See, this has been waiting a very long time. I was hoping to get started this month, but it might not happen. Damn.

Yeah. Still hasn't happened. The yarn is wound. It's ready. Socks have continually gotten in the way. I think it's because I can take them on a flight and not wonder if I've reach the midpoint of the skein. That is what is holding up progress on Magrathea. Knowing that I have a 42 gram skein of silk to work with for Magrathea means that every time I finish a repeat, I'm anxious to determine if I'm getting close to the midpoint.

It's beyond frustrating!

Anyway, holiday knitting (see, I even procrastinate talking about the holiday knitting). I'm officially staring on October 1st with the holiday knitting. Regardless of what is on the needles, I will cast on for the following:

Parker: I love the over-sized fit and the shawl collar. I don't like how sloppy all the edges look, so I'm thinking a nice tubular or i-cord bind off. Now, I just need 2500+ yards of sport-weight (amazing that I don't already have that in stash).
Parker by DROPS Designs

Franklin: Ribbed, mock turtleneck, raglan sleeves, this looks like something I could finish fast. . .if I put the socks down.  Then again, endless ribbing.....I don't like endless ribbing in socks, so how will I fare with a cardi?

Beck:  A Cabled, half-zip pullover....this sounds like a challenge.  I can sew zippers into fabric with ease, but sewing zippers into hand-knits???  Always problematic.
Beck by Jane Ellison

Edward: Shawl collar, close fit. . .this looks interesting.
Edward by DROPS Design
#11 Ruffle Trim Jacket:  The Moment I saw this all I could think is "Mom would LOVE this jacket."  Mom, not me.  I don't do ruffles.

Scalene by Carina Spencer: I might even make one of these for myself.

and some socks.  Yes, there will be holiday sock knitting, if only because the knit-worthy people closest to me have come to appreciate hand-knit socks. My father has even started matching them with his outfits, which makes him my most knit-worthy person.  Mom has too much fondness for ruffle scarves (thank GOD they're in this season).

Now, to ignore all the holiday knitting until after Thanksgiving....

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