January 28, 2009

Morning Thoughts get me in trouble

    1. Why is it that you only meet men when you aren't interested in dating anymore? Is there a cosmic signal that goes out and says, "She's not interested in dating, time to hook her up?"
    2. Why do good girls end up with bad boys?
    3. Why am I letting someone get close to me when I'm not sure he's the one for me?
    4. Then again, finding out if he's the one is the point of dating right?
    5. Why am I stressing this?

This is the kind of stuff that was going through my head this morning when I stepped out to my car to place my breakfast and water in the passenger seat. You see, when I went to bed last night, I closed the door, but I didn't check to make sure it was secure. Brilliant woman that I am, I replaced all the deadbolts and door locks in the house over to one key. However, the lock in the door to the garage keeps turning within the handle, a problem I kept saying "I'll fix it later."

It fixed me this morning. I pulled the door, realized I had not engaged the lock last night and the door was open, and was overthinking my current relationship dilemma when I stepped out to my car.

The door closed behind me. And locked.

Yeah, locked. So when I go back to the door, I'm now locked out of my house. I don't have on shoes. I don't have my cell phone. I don't have my keys. I'm locked out of my house. So, I open the garage door and step over to my neighbors' house. I think I woke him up, but he was gracious enough to let me call the locksmith and my job. I went back to my house and sat in the garage.

On a completely random thought, I started sifting through the junk in my car. At one point, I had changed all the locks in the house except the front door and I could never remember which keys went to the front door and which ones went to the other doors, so I kept them all in my car. Lo and behold, the extra keys to the house were still in my car! $65 locksmith charge averted!

I rush back into the house and call the locksmith.

  • Me: Hi, this is Vic at {address}. I just wanted to let you know that I found an extra set of keys to my house, so I don't need the locksmith.
  • Locksmith: Well you know what lady? The next time, why dont' you check everything you can think of before you call us cuz now we have a guy rushing out to your home to help you and that's a waste we dont' need.
  • Me (slightly stunned): OK, first, I called you b/c at the time I did need you and I had checked everything I could think of. Second, I called you about 5 minutes ago, so regardless of how you feel about the situation I'm certain your guy hasn't gotten that far. Third, I'm still a customer and you're extremely rude, so I'll make sure I tell everyone about this particular incident and let them know to take their business elsewhere. (hang up).

I'll tolerate a lot of things, but poor customer service is not one of them.

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