May 25, 2009

Random Thoughts

I'm not inspired in my knitting.

I went out last week and purchased new yarn. I don't know why; probably because I had been on a yarn fast and, like any bad dieter, was craving something new.

This gorgeous Lamb's Pride Worsted in Silver Streaks at Nite (my god, that's a great name)

I wanted to make a scarf for my dad. Had the pattern picked out of Barbara Walker's Treasuries and everything before I realized that I needed a fingering yarn for the pattern. Worsted is way too big.

I love the yarn. Beautiful...

I also picked up this absolutely gorgeous Shibui Sock in Orchid.

ShibuiSock_Orchid_001 copy

I saw this and automatically thought AKA socks for Stephanie. Her beloved doggy Roc died about 2 months ago and she's been at a loose end. She has a new dog, Dayla, but Dayla isn't Roc.

Roc was half Chow, half-something else big. Roc could've eaten Dayla, a Shih Tzu.

Anyway, I bought the yarn and cast on for the scarf....that's when I discovered that the yarn was too thick.

The lace curtains in #10 crochet thread are not coming out too well either.

I'm exhausted. Not with Knitting, but with being on a budget....I want to buy yarn!!!

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