June 8, 2009

Organic Gardening is Pretty

My Square Foot Garden is a mixed blessing. Because I didn't get the seedlings into the ground fast enough, most of my plants died. The ones that survived are beautiful.

Gardening003 copy
Jalapenos (or Serranos...I'm not sure)

Gardening005 copy
Basil and Parsley (and Cilantro in the bottom corner)

Gardening007 copy
The Corn is really my pride and joy. My grandfather grew up on a farm for most of his childhood and he is the family expert on gardening....and he's jealous of the fact that I have corn in my garden.... :)

Gardening008 copy
This is what excited me...TOMATOES!!!
Gardening009 copy

Gardening010 copy2
I think this is the best photo of the day...a baby cucumber

Gardening014 copy
I forgot what kind of squash this is....Now it's kind of exciting to find out later....

I'm getting excited about nature.

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