October 13, 2010

A year later

As of September 28, I have been a traveling consultant for my company for 2 years.  What has that meant for me?
  • I'm so tired these days I missed the 1-year anniversary of this job.
  • I sleep in my bed at my own home (the one I pay taxes on) 3 nights a week.
  • I consider the hotel (any hotel) my home.
  • I've developed gastritis and duodenitis. Trying saying that five times fast.
  • My yard is a disaster-zone
  • Spiders are running my house
  • I visit family twice a year and they're only 5 hours away.
  • I have 300K frequent flier miles.  I am now Platinum Medallion on Delta.  I'm aiming for Diamond by the end of the year (My coworkers have been doing this so long that they think my mini-celebrations when I hit a new level are mildly amusing.  They're so jaded).
  • I have 200K+ points with both the Marriott and Hilton chains. I like both, but I think Hilton sometimes edges Marriott out.
  • I constantly feel stupid.
  • I'm back to working 10+ hours a day just to keep up.
  • I've developed the ability to fall asleep anywhere.

I've also learned the following:
  • To be grateful I have a job.  Unemployment is at 10%.  Nothing can be taken for granted.
  • That regardless of intentions, higher salary really does mean you spend more.  I can't understand how I'm spending more than I use to, but there it is.
  • Savings are important.  Emergency funds are your friends.
  • It is important to take time to enjoy the small things.
  • The North has four distinct seasons.  I've now experienced them all and I like them.  The south has HOT, "I'm sticking to the car seats HOT", Hot, and cold snap.

I initially started writing this post on September 30 and was planning on publishing it that night.  However, I found myself unable to press the button and I still don't know why.  Possibly because it just didn't feel right, but now it does.

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