July 16, 2008

Viva la Vida

Today's word: Talisman:

  • An object marked with magic signs and believed to confer on its bearer supernatural powers or protection.
  • Something that apparently has magic power.

My knitting stand is a talisman. Whenever I take it to work, one of two things happens:

  1. The day goes so fast that when 5PM comes I'm genuinely suprised; or
  2. The day is so stupid I don't get anything done and I'm genuinely surprised when 5PM comes.

Either way, 5PM gets their faster when I take my knitting stand. This can only be good. Anyway, the last few days at work have been great. Someone within the corporate office lost a laptop and in higher ed there is no greater fear than students' SSNs getting out. Anyway, because of the lost laptop, now everyone has to encrypt their machines and run all sorts of virus scans and disk checks.

You know what that means?

That means that for the past two days I haven't been able to do any meaningful work in the office. I asked to go home earlier Tuesday so I could do some work from home. In 30 minutes I managed to do what would have taken me 2 hours at work.

I wish they'd just let me work from home. I could get much more accomplished and take naps.

I am in love with Coldplay. Viva la Vida is on constant replay on my iPod; so beautiful, so lyrical . . .I like this U2 direction Coldplay is moving in.

Keyshia Cole is the most ghetto R&B artist I've ever seen, but her song "Heaven Sent" is my song right now. She's rough (with the most appalling family I've ever seen and GOD KNOWS I don't like to pass judgement on other people's families) but she has a god given voice and some excellent song writers.

Tonight's Woolgather's meeting was Excellent!!!There were four new faces tonight:

      Betty, who's only been knitting for 3 days, is a self-proclaimed perfectionist, and who was enthused be everything. She's definitely a natural leader, organizing a lunch for next Wednesday at the store and talking to everyone.
      Jaya, a Realtor who is crocheting for her new grandson. She looked unsure when she first arrived, but soon got involved, went to her car and pulled her blanket out and showed it off.
      Karen, hmm....I didn't get to talk to Karen much. Darn.
      Carol is a teacher from Pittsburgh and is looking to move to Florida permanently. (This is a correction. I couldn't remember her name earlier. I just remembered and ran to post it before I forgot again. Sorry :( I know you expect much better of me.)

Of course the regulars were there: Jean, Deb, and Jim (who celebrated his 60th yesterday!!!) (hey, where was Linda?). Vashti was there as well and she reads my blog...! I have a reader!! OMG! That made my day (Thanks Vashti!)

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