July 12, 2008

Wonderful Surprises

I love when nice things happen.

I went to A Yarn Outlet to pick up some more yarn for Mommy's beret's. After touching everything in there (I'm not even going to try to break that habit), I picked up 5 new skeins (and successfully avoided the sock yarns . . .sigh).

Yellow Cascade 200 Heathers

Purple Cascade 220

Nashua Handknits in Green

Misti Cotton in Mint Green

and in a Pumpkin Color

On the way home, I began to wonder when my advance book from LibraryThing would arrive. If you aren't on LibraryThing, and you are a voracious reader, you need to sign up. I signed up to be an early reviewer and I received an email about a week ago to tell me I'd been selected to receive and advance copy of Summer Blowout by Claire Cook (which is somewhat amusing to me, considering the book was released on June 3).

Anyway, guess what was inside my mailbox?

Hmm....I wonder what could be inside?

Yup! Now I have about 5 books around the house I need to read.

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