August 30, 2008

An Update

This has not been a very "bloggy" month for a lot of reasons.
    A. The Fall school started. This is the part of the year I like least: scads of eager, fresh-faced college students descending like locusts upon an unprepared and unsuspecting campus. They take all the parking spots, cop attitude really quick, and their parent's also act like fools. Worse yet, the administration of every school I've ever worked at acts as if this is the first time they've ever opened in August. No one ever remembers how to do their job, which means:

    B. The people I have to work with turn into stark raving fools. However, since I have a new job, it hasn't been so bad. I only have to deal with one person and normally she's OK. However, this month she's been a hassle. I'm her liasion, yet she's sending everything to my boss, not CC'ing me on emails, so that when the CIO asks me what going on, I'm clueless. Now, I don't know what I've done to offend her, but best believe we will has a serious discussion about this little attitude problem she's having very soon. I can't take this, I won't take this, and I am seriously pissed about it.

    C. I am on Vacation. I am in DC right now visiting my friend Shaye, who has decided that, for some unknown and ungodly reason she wants to leave the happy shores of America and go to Africa...Seriously! Africa! (J/K Shaye!) I'm sad that she's leaving, but hey, that's a great new place for me to visit and hang out.

    D. Shaye's new son, Ahmed Allen Sidee, is without a doubt, the most adorable, gorgeous little 2-month old I've ever seen. He is also attached to Shaye ever 2 hours. Amazing...

    E. The Democratic National Convention was . . . words fail me. Inspirational and well-orchestrated come to mind first. 84,000 people at Invesco fields, 38 million people watching on TV. A bigger audience share than the opening of the Olympics, the Season ending of American Idol, and the Oscars. I can't wait to see what the Republicans come up with.
    American's are ready for change. We have two change agents at the head of major party tickets. Which reminds me . . .

    F. Gov. Sarah...Who? I mean really, Who???! If this isn't pandering, I don't know what is.
    I remember reading about her 2-3 months ago when her name came up as a possible VP pick and I thought, "If they choose her, all the Republican cracks about Obama's 'lack of experience have got to stop' ". This is hilarious. Debbie Wasserman Schultz [D-FL] said it best, "I have more people in my congressional district than she has in her entire state!"

In Knitting news, I finished the Baby Surprise Jacket for Baby Ahmed. I made a lot of upgrades on it:
  1. Did some double knitting around the hood to accomodate an I-cord tie for the hood.
  2. Added Moss Stitch to the edges, including the button bands in order to prevent curling.
  3. Made the sleeves extra long
  4. Added short rows in the back for more space.
I'm actually very proud of it. I'll post pictures soon.

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