August 1, 2008

You can't even carry my bra!

I like watching mess from afar, usually because it's safer that way. Right now, there's no better mess than the continuing saga of Detroit's Mayor, Kwame Kilpatrick.

Yup, I've been watching the mess in Detroit shamelessly. In the car yesterday, NPR had a quick story about the electoral chances of Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick (you know, Kwame's Momma? Poor Woman). For the first time in 12 years, the woman is having to battle for her seat. And her opponents keep playing the same tape over and over again.

This one.

Thank you YouTube!
Now, on a personal level, I think it's really low of Rep. Kilpatrick's opponents to hold her comments from two years ago against her. She did what a mother, a real mother does: She saw her child being attacked and she got defensive. She went on the warpath. She reminded the people of Detroit that while her son was in office Detroit began a renaissance that the citizens of the city had been praying for for years.

Her opponents are trying to tar her with the same brush as her son and before her son was commonly known as a lying, cheating deadbeat, she was a very well-respected US Representative. Sorry. That's just not fair.

Anyway, I went to the Detroit News Online and read about the debate between Momma Kilpatrick and her two opponents. The last line made me pee my seat!

(Mary)Waters said, "Anybody who goes to Congress can bring home the dollars."

Kilpatrick replied, "You can't even carry my bra."


Oh, you want to see it? Of course, dear readers! Don't you know that the debate is online? Oh please enjoy!

On a side note, I like Rep. Scott the most. My respect for Mary Waters is nil. That woman isn't articulate and she's just there to beat up on Representative Kilpatrick about her son, which isn't fair. Trash her record. Trash her personal life. Don't trash her for a being the mother of a grown man she can no longer control.

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