February 22, 2009


Yes, I know. I haven't posted in a while. There's a reason . . .I've had absolutely no energy. Here's why:

  • Wordpress vs. Blogger: In the eternal Wordpress vs. Blogger debate, I am pleased to say that I've finally decided that Blogger has won the day. I will continue to update the Wordpress site as necessary, but I'm done with that debate. I have more control over Blogger, so I'll stay with Blogger. However, Blogger has to step the game up.

  • The Gym: I joined Lifestyle Family Fitness last week. I waited until after all the New Year's Hoopla and decided that this really was what I wanted to do. I've been three times since joining (an excellent rate of return for me). I even packed my gym clothes to go again tonight.

  • SSN Removal: Ever since I bought my house, removal of my Social Security number from every conceivable database known to man has been my life's goal. (not bad for 2 months). I'm still in a fight with Peace River Electrical Cooperative (home of the rudest, nastiest customer representatives I've ever had the misfortunate to have to interact with). If the possibility of signing up with Florida Power and Light ever presents itself, I will leave PRECO immediately. No questions asked. FPL never received my SSN and they were OK with that. They also charged me less for the deposit.

  • House Cleaning: I hate to clean my house. Now there's 1700+ sq. ft. to clean. This sucks.

  • Money Issues: No, I'm not having cash flow issues, although it would help if more of my bills occurred in the first half of the month. No, my money issues are "I'm trying to get my credit cards back down to $0 but it's hard to do that when I want to spend, spend, spend so badly". If I stick with the debt reduction plan that Quicken and I mapped out, by December my only debts will be the Student Loans and the House. I fear I might need to push the target goal to December 2010.

  • Anger: I spent a lot of the month angry. Angry at myself for taking out student loans when I didn't need to, angry for not being able to account for where $12000 of that money went, angry for being single for the 7th straight Valentine's Day (yeah, yeah, I usually deride the holiday as a meaningless commercial claptrap, but I would have liked some flowers), angry that I'm alone in South Florida and I haven't met anyone beyond my co-workers and neighbors, angry that I'm such a loner, angry that my childhood left me with none of the skills necessary to go out and meet people. I don't like nightclubs, I reject organized religion, I refuse to join the NAACP or Urban League, and I don't volunteer at the usually places for meeting people, so I'm all alone. sigh
That's it. That's all I have.

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