February 9, 2009

I love Swaps!

I love swaps!
I am a convert!

Tonight I received my package from my swap partner, Wildthing1058.

I love Wildthing1058.

Here's what she sent.





Do you have any idea how excited I am? I much I loved seeing this package on my doorstep? I love this. My swap partner did an excellent job stalking me because she picked out things that I love.

She sent me Yankee Candles! I love Yankee Candles. In Splash of Rain. (I keep sniffling the candles...yummy).
She sent me small misters from the healing garden in White Tea Scent....I keep spraying.
Chocolates.....(I've already eaten 2).

Yup, I already signed up for two more swaps.

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