March 24, 2009


Ok, so this post is completely and totally about me . . .

I love Tea. I mean I really really really love tea. Right now, at 11:40 PM I am working on my third cup of Earl Grey. For some reason, I want to share that love with you.

Foglie de Tea, Earl Grey.

I love the smell of Earl Grey.

Seriously, you should smell this.

I would take a picture of myself but
a) that would involve getting out the tripod;
b) you do not want to see what I am wearing; and
c) I need to wipe the drool.

This is my Tea strainer. 99 cents at IKEA. Simple and functional. I'm making tea, not launching a space ship.

So, let's see....Boil the water, then measure one level teaspoon of loose tea into the strainer.
Tea008 Tea011
Oh, yeah, this is going to be good....


This is after two minutes of steeping....This smells so good.

Now, in the eternal debate of milk first or last, I am solidly on the fence. Sometimes I put the milk in first, sometimes it goes in last. Sometimes it's half-and-half, sometimes it's 2% milk, sometimes it's Heavy Whipping Cream (most of the time it's heavy whipping cream. American milk tastes nothing like the milk you can get in the UK). No matter what, 1 teaspoon of sugar is a definite.
Ouch...I just scalded my tongue. Oh well.


Now, I need some scones.

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