March 6, 2009

Back to the Knitting

I looked at my site today and realized that my blog is all over the place. That's not fair to my readers, all 3 of them (seriously, I have no idea how many. I just pretend that no one is watching and keep it moving).

So I promise that I'm going to get on the ball with the posting. My only issue with posting is that normally, you want a post with pictures. Everyone needs visual stimulation, otherwise this gets boring.

My camera is at home and I'm so anal about my pictures that I will only release them after they've had a nice liberal dosing of Photoshop to make them look better.

I will do better. So, what's on deck?

Pomatomus Socks

Yes, these socks are famous and rightly so; they are brilliant. However, the first time I attempted to make these, it was a complete disaster.

However, I now have the perfect yarn for them. . .

"Ward Circle" by Neighborhood Fiber Company, which is turning into. . .

Umm....yummmy. I'm in love....

You would not believe how fast I'm knitting these . . . Above is the end of night one.

This is now . . . If I keep this up, I'll be done with the pair in a week.

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