August 21, 2009

Again, We are NOT retreating

we are advancing in an entirely different direction.
~Victoria, channeling Douglas McArthur

I know when I've been licked.

I've been licked.

Because it's Hurricane Season here in Florida, I've come home to blinking clocks twice this week. The first time, the server was fine, so I didn't think about it.

Tonight, I decided to rip some more music to the server. Hmm...the server isn't on. Turn it on (and yes, I've priced a few UPS systems. The one I want is $100; I'm not buying the cheap crap at Wal-Mart. I want the battery backup to last longer than 15 minutes.)

Greeted by
"Secondary IDE Channel no 80 conductor cable installed"

Crap. Reset the BIOS. Move battery backup to top of purchase list. Log into server.

"The Evaluation Period for this copy of Windows has ended. Windows cannot start. To continue using Windows, please purchase and install a retail copy of the product."


I give up. I been licked. If you'll excuse me, I'm now looking for my last 120 GB drive. I'm going to clean it off and install Unbuntu onto that.

Windows Home Server is absolute crap. Linux, here I come.

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