August 15, 2009

Happy Days are here again

I have a new camera! A Canon PowerShot A1100 IS. I'm in love.

Because I knit so much, a camera that could take lovely macro shots, had intuitive controls, and had some control over manual settings was a must. However, the built-in settings are working wonderfully for me, especially the Indoor setting. I can take a picture that's so near perfect that when I open it in Photoshop, I barely need to make any adjustments.


I also have a new mp3 player.

I miss my iPod horribly, but I'm getting over that. Apple has done a great job of making a wonderful music accessory that is very intuitive and nothing will come close, but at least this will play music (and pick up the radio, which even the iPod can't do...)

I went 2 weeks without an mp3 player, which is a lifetime for me. I haven't been without my iPod since I got the first one.

Update: After writing that post, I went and bought an 8GB iPod. Yes, I'm a hypocrite; I love iPod. The sansa will be taken to the gym, though. I'm not losing another iPod.

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