September 16, 2009

Lower the Boom

The Tuesday before I left for vacation, we had a meeting with the corporate office and with the school's HR department about our employment. The school and corporate had come to an understanding that services from corporate to the school would end effective September 30, 2009. Everyone currently in the office would have to apply for their jobs. I left the meeting with a sense of ...I don't know. I think I just didn't care; I wanted to get on the road to Georgia. I had applied for another job with corporate and was waiting to hear back about that, so I just had no feelings at all.

While in Georgia I received the letter I had been waiting on (and dreading) for months: The letter containing the information about my termination, effective September 30, and the details of the possible severance package. Of course, if I managed to find another job with corporate before September 30, then the letter was null and void, but I can't say I was surprised at all. If anything, I felt a great sense of relief steal over me. Finally! Now I know where I stand.

So here's to hoping that I get the job I applied for. It was the same as my current job, but with 75% travel. Perfect!!! So I hunkered down in Georgia to wait for a call. Well, they called, but they called my office at school, not my cell phone. So the entire time they were trying to reach me, I was completely oblivious. When I walked into the office on Monday and saw all the missed calls, I immediately sprang into action, but it was too late. Well, the HR recruiter is pretty sure it's too late, the manager of that department has pretty much set her mind to someone and I probably won't even get an interview.


So, here I am, looking at unemployment in 2 weeks, and oddly enough, I still don't feel anything.

I finally finished Henry tonight.

The iCord bind-off makes it look professional and tailored. I had to pick up the cast on edge and apply iCord to it, but I'm pleased with the results. I think I'm going to plough through a couple of the books I got from LibraryThing before I start another knitting project, but I already know what it will be.

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