September 2, 2009

Now we are retreating

One of my biggest problems in life is an inability to make up my mind. I keep all options open far too long, just in case I need to make an about U-turn.

Why am I mentioning this?

I installed Ubuntu on my computer to use as a server.

At first, I was in love. It was simple, had a great interface, looked lovely. but as the weeks went on, I realized that
  1. It was taking me forever to install Samba and set it up for windows networking.
  2. I really wasn't keen on having to find alternatives to all my .aac, m4a, and mp3 files
  3. I wanted a Server. Not a desktop with server qualities. I wanted a headless server.
So I got another product key from Microsoft on Sunday and reinstalled Windows Home Server. I now have the 120GB and 200GB drives installed and running, but the 500GB drive does not want to work. I am trying to copy everything off that drive onto the other drives, then wipe the 500GB drive clean (because when I add it to WHS, it will format the drive anyway, so I might as well get my stuff off first).

Now that I no longer care about work, it's going much easier. Today I was praised for handling the client's issue quickly and without any drama.

Woo Hoo. That doesn't change the fact that I'm burnt out.

Yesterday I received a book in the mail that I'm actually looking forward to reading

The World is Open, by Curtis Bonk. I received the book through LibraryThing and I'm taking it (and some other books I need to review to remain in good graces) home with me to Georgia. I am already excited about reviewing this book. Even the first sentence is revolutionary and exciting:

"Anyone can now learn anything from anyone at anytime"

Wow! Think about what an amazing (and true) concept that is. Instead of children/students being the recipients of knowledge for 8 hrs/day under a rigid structure, they have become the pursuers of knowledge, thanks to the Internet, blogs, Wikipedia, TV, etc. This is a true knowledge-based generation and America's concept of education will have to change in order to address this reality. Even more so, it will have to change to address the reality of the students who do not have access to this knowledge all the time.

To me, this is mind-blowing because what we are really looking at here is the reorganization of the entire educational framework and the re-evaluation of what it means to "receive an education" in this country. . .I'm really excited about this book.

One the home front, I still need to mop my floors. They're a mess. My fridge is nearly empty...

and all my text messages have disappeared from my phone. WTF?

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