April 26, 2010

Random Questions

About a month ago, I sent out a random question to see what my friends my think of me:

If you saw ME in the back of a police car, what would you think I'd been arrested for?
Reply to me alone, then forward to your friends:

Interesting responses.

Shaye: Ummmm, beating the $hit outta someone for letting their baby cry unattended on an airplane! Or....beating the $hit outta some cabbie for smelling up your luggage one more time and getting you lost yet again! :) Yes, so in other words, beating the $hit outta somebody! Love ya!

I think she's still a bit upset about this tweet.

Virginia: Excessive Speeding
Ok, that's believable.

Carlyn: What an interesting question! I honestly don't know what I think you'd be arrested for. I'd be more worried about the people that called the cops on you. When you got out, their lives would suck royally and it would all be legal.

This is true . . . I believe in payback

Sue Ann: Honestly, I would think it was an error. I can't imagine why you would possibly be arrested.
The next morning she told me that it would probably be speeding.

Tony: Disorderly conduct - for cursing out the officer for pulling you over at the wrong time on the wrong day. Temper temper.
Hmm....I'm starting to see a pattern here...

Nikki: Computer Fraud.
Not a chance. To easy to get caught.

Jackie: Assault on an idiot co-worker..


Stephanie: Disorderly Conduct and sassing the police.

Ok . . .I know that friends are the people that know you and love you anyway, but this is interesting . . .apparently all my friends think I'm thisclose to an assault and battery charge.


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