April 24, 2010


I'm doing something I rarely do: I'm swatching for a project.

I'm a process knitter. I enjoy the calm progress of a project. If it fits at the end, great. If not, oh well it will fit someone. This attitude is also why I mostly stick to sock knitting. But the yarn that I'm using, Elann Mercurio, is discontinued and that means that there is no room for mistakes.

Elann Mercurio
70% Linen / 30% Cotton
Made in Italy
I'm finally knitting Henley Perfected by Connie Chang Chinchio. The yarn, Elann Mercurio, is supposed to be a DK yarn, but it certainly doesn't feel DK. It is 70% linen and 30% cotton, the perfect mix for hot, sultry Florida and the oppressive heat of NYC.

I thought that this might be the perfect sweater for both locations. Besides, I haven't knit a sweater in so long it's time I finally got back on sweater knitting.

I've had this sweater in my Ravelry queue for 2 years, ever since I got a membership to Ravelry and this issue came out. So this is definitely the long awaited summer sweater.

Of course, I still need a mobile project. Skew by Lana Holden is looking to be that project and I'm really excited by it. I love unique sock construction (I really really enjoyed knitting the Lakehouse Socks) and this looks like it will be a doozy. My problem now is I don't know which yarn to use for the project. I know I definitely want a variegated yarn, but I am having a hard time choosing:

Austermann Step in Fjord
Zen String Loopy Legends

Neighborhood Fiber Company in Mount Pleasant

I think I may go with the Austermann Step (I frogged the one sock I made out of this yarn in order to use it for the Skew Socks), but the Zen String is also calling me. Anyone wanna chime in here?

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