June 5, 2012

Frustration and Accomplishment

**This is a photo heavy post**

I'm getting really desperate to cast on Semele.  The yarn has been ready for months now and my fingers are itching for a pattern that doesn't involve turning a heel (more on that after the jump).  This is what's on my project page in Ravelry:

Originally queued: July 25, 2011
Project created: January 28, 2012
Hibernating: May 14, 2012

See, this has been waiting a very long time.  I was hoping to get started this month, but it might not happen.  Damn.

One of the things I like most at Madeline Tosh Merino Light is the fact that its a beautiful spun single ply.  Right now, I think I'm just in a single ply moment; some of my favorite yarns to work with have been single play and Maddy is up at the top.

Madeline Tosh Merino Light in Creme de Menthe
is desperate to become this

Semele by Åsa Tricosa
 in green, of course.

I also have another pattern hibernating, yarn ready, waiting for me to release the socks.

Tess's Designer Yarn Petite Silk
is very ready to become this

Magrathea by Martina Behm
when I finally release the socks.

So why haven't I released the socks?  Well, I'm a very competitive person and actually winning prizes has done NOTHING to help that situation.  What's more, I'm now using Sock Knitter's Anonymous and Solid Socks for my own little sock improvement tutorials.  While I'm getting nowhere learning to knit faster, learning to knit multiple socks Magic Loop  two at a time (ML 2AAT) is now pretty easy.  Thank you, GoodReader for iPad!

So, what have I knit since my last post? (insert evil laugh).


Bridging Columns

MAY 2010 SKA Mystery Sock by Cookie A
Started:  March 11 2012 - Completed March 17 2012
Yarn:  Knit Picks Gloss Fingering in Serengeti
Solid Socks: (Color Brown) 
SKA: Cables 


Vrille by Laura Jenkins
Started: March 5 2012 - Completed March 21 2012
     Solid Socks: (Color Brown) 
     SKA: Cables

Not sure which of the brown socks I won this for, but I won this from Solid Socks:

Handwerks Super Twist in Granite


Tara - SKA March 2012 Mystery Sock by Janneke Maat
Started: March 1 2012 - Completed:  March 30 2012
(The lovely thing about Mystery socks is the fact that you have plenty of time to finish it.)
Challenge:  SKA Mystery Sock


Mum's the Word

Chrysanthemum frutescens Socks by Hunter Hammersen

Started: April 6 2012 - Completed: April 16 2012
Yarn:  Anzula Haiku in Ducky
Challenge:  Solid Socks April 2012: Challenge Yellow

THIS is the featured photo on the project page in Ravelry!  Yes!!!!!  This sock also won a prize:

Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sock & Baby Yarn - 2 ply in Merlot

Cheery Littlebottom

Cheery Littlebottom by Allison Isaac
Started: April 7 2012 - Complete April 29 2012
Yarn:  Cherry Tree Hill in Island Red
Challenge:  SKA - Literary There; Solid Socks:  April 2012 Mystery Sock


Aragorn (English) by Janneke Maat

Started: April 19 2012 - Completed: April 28 2012
Yarn: Knit Picks Stroll Solids in Navy

Challenges: SKA - Literary Theme

SOD: Nutkin

Nutkin by Beth LaPensee
Started: April 30 2012 - May 20 2012
Challenges:   Knit for the Socks of Doom! Group on Ravelry.  I've resigned from the group.  They aren't organized.


Ginger Socks

Ginger Socks by VeryBusyMonkey

Started: May 14 2012 - Completed: May 23 2012
     SKA:  Lace
     Solid Sock: Summer (Mangos)
     VeryBusyMonkey Inaugural KAL

Bellflower Socks

Bellflower Socks by VeryBusyMonkey
Started: May 14 2012 - Completed: May 25 2012
     SKA:  Lace
     Solid Sock: Summer (Sarasota sky and water)

In The Weeds

CHIENDENT-SKA May Mystery 2012 Socks by Rose Hiver
Started: May 14 2012 - Completed: May 29 2012
     SKA:  Lace
     Solid Sock: Summer (Grass and Weeds)


Mermaidia by Christine Jeffery
Started: May 5 2012 - Completed: May 31 2012
Challenges:     SKA:  Lace

Whew!  However, you haven't seen anything yet....

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  1. wow! everything looks gorgeous! I'm adding your blog to my google reader and look fwd to your next update! :) (ps. nice job on your 100 things list)