May 30, 2008

Blind as a Bat...

I spent Memorial Day in Albany in a snit...Let me tell you why.

As I mentioned in Update, I haven't had air conditioning at all in my car. I don't really use my air conditioning, but it's too hot not to have air. So, I drove back to Albany on Friday, thinking to myself "It is WAYYY to expensive to waste gas like this", but when faced with air vs. no air, air wins. Plus, it was a holiday weekend, so I hoped that my car could be fixed over the holiday weekend and I could go back to work on Tuesday.

So hopeful. How silly.

So I made made my way back to Albany (6 hours on the road, in the heat...ARRGHH) and decided that there were a few objectives that I would accomplish:
  1. Get car fixed.
  2. Avoid most people I know. Gas costs too much.
  3. Find the remainder of my stash.
  4. Fix all electronic things that needed to be fixed.
  5. Enjoy family.

Simple list, right? Ha ha ha. Let's that see how that worked out:

1. Get car fixed.

Kelvin, my wonderful car dealer (and I actually mean that) arrived at 9 AM Saturday to pick up my baby. He took her right over to the mechanic, who determined that I had a huge rock in the air conditioning system, which is why I don't have air. So, they ordered the part and waited for it to arrive on Monday. Wrong Part. I emailed my supervisor to let him know I wouldn't be in on Tuesday and they reordered the part. On Tuesday they got the part and realized that the part they ordered was correct, but now something else was wrong.

I emailed my supervisor again to let him know that I would be back on Wednesday. Checked my email on Wednesday and either he's in a snit or just being shitty, but he didn't send the notice out to let everyone know I was out again (yeah, I coulda sent it, but that's his job, not mine). Anyway, I waited around on Wednesday to find out if my car would get fixed. . .as of 5:15 PM, my car is on my way back to me.


Kelvin arrives, in my car, with the air conditioning blasting. . .Ladies and Gentlemen, air conditioning is not an option in Florida during the summer. From 6PM to midnight, I kept it on. . .it was just that hot!

2. Avoid most people I know. Gas costs too much.

This was easier than I thought it would be. The only person who knew I was coming to town, besides my parents, was Stephanie. Well, when I arrived Friday, I misplaced my phone and didn't get a chance to call her. On Saturday, I found my phone, put it on the charger, and left to go shopping with Mom...and had an episode. I spent Saturday and Sunday in the bed, completely scuppering the weekend plans that I had with Mom. I spent 45 minutes at the storage unit trying to find my stash (more later), overexerting myself, and ended up right back in bed.

Did I mention that the ringer on my BlackBerry barely rings? I can't hear it most of the time, so I missed calls like crazy...

3. Find the remainder of my stash.

Aside from the air conditioning, this was the true purpose of my trip to Albany. . .having Ravelry simply reminded me that I had oodles and oodles of yarn, but I left my stash when I moved initially. So, I told Mom that we would be spending quality time in her storage unit trying to find my yarn. Let's see:
  • So, we spent about 30 minutes at the storage unit on Saturday, before I crawled into the bed.
  • On Monday, I crawled into the attic to check everything up there (just goes to show, if you leave your stash with non-knitters, they just won't take care of it), but no sign of the stash.
  • I spent 45 minutes at the storage unit again with Diwata (my cousin) in order to thoroughly search. Still nothing.
  • Checked the outside storage unit at the house. Nothing
  • Checked the garage and the bedroom closet...Nope, nothing.

At this point, I had pretty much accepted that my beautiful stash, full of Cascade 220 Yarns, had gone missing. Giant Moths had carried it off. So I sat down in my bedroom and sighed.

Then I saw it. . .and wondered what it was.

There it sat, on the floor of my bedroom, where I'd slept for the past 3 nights. What was it? So I opened it.
Hello Lover!!!

Yup. . .had it been a snake, it would have bit me.

Hello Lover! (best Sarah Jessica Parker looking at Manolos voice)

Better believe that all this beautiful yarn was categorized and entered in Ravelry before I left Albany.

Fix all electronic things that needed to be fixed.

Fixed the following while I was home:
  • DVD Player in Great Room
  • Web Cam on Desktop
  • Printer on Mom's Laptop
  • Mom's GPS system
  • Mom's Online Banking

Not as much as usual.

Enjoy family

Yup, barbeque, family, good times.

I have to admit, this definitely ranks as one of my better Memorial Days.


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