May 15, 2008

Reasons why I Love Ravelry

I love Ravelry! No, I LOVE RAVELRY! Ravelry makes my entire knitting life so much easier. For weeks I've been searching for the perfect yarn to make Clapotis with. Before Ravelry, I would have spent months trying to determine what I was going to use to substitute for the Lorna's Laces Multi called for in the pattern.

Then I rediscovered Ravelry.

I received my Ravelry invitation in November 07. I remembered signing up to join, then promptly forgot about Ravelry until my invitation showed up...So I signed in and looked around. Promptly ignored it for a few more weeks. Then, around February when the first of 50 million heat waves started hitting Florida, I logged in again.

I log in everyday now.

I've looked at everyone's Clapotis and discovered new and beautiful yarns. I've found new projects to start. More importantly, I've found entire new communities and people, KNITTING communities, to join.

My soul sings....I'm on Ravelry now. Still haven't narrowed down which yarn I will use for my Clapotis. I will say this though: meeting people on Ravelry and reading their blogs has given me a reason, for the first time in my life, to blog everyday.

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