May 15, 2008

Update on Andrea's Sock

I finished the first sock last week during the Woolgather's session at A Yarn Outlet (my local LYS). Feeling good about the project, I immediately cast on for the second sock.

Then it hit.

SSS is an ugly thing.
(Second Sock Syndrome for the uninitiated).

I went through the week looking at my knitting bag, occasionally thinking to myself, "If I go ahead and finish, I can start casting on for my next project" (Clapotis).

Then I would walk by my lonely and unloved (I mean Andrea's lonely and unloved) sock and tell myself that I would have it finished by the next Woolgather's.

Yesterday was Woolgatherer's. The sock was not complete. I had not knit a single stitch.

As a matter of fact, when I got to AYO, I checked the clearance boxes (nothing new), commented on other's WIPs, adn looked sadly at my sock. Still no desire to knit. Finally, I realized why. I HATED the toes! I knit sock from the toe up most of the time and I used a Figure 8 cast on for the toe, which always leaves little "ears" on the toes of my socks.

Ears are ugly.

So I frogged the sock (not that there was much there) and started over using a short row toe. I love the short row toe...pretty, elegant, no ears...
and once you finish the toe, if you play your cards right, you're also done with 1/3 of the foot.

Good times...Good times.

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