May 21, 2008

Today's Big Event

Today is the Yarn Tasting at A Yarn Outlet and I am super excited! Not that I can buy anything (completely and utterly broke and still have to get my car fixed), but that I get to play with brand-new yarn for FREE!!!

I forgot to pack any needles besides my size 1 DPNS, but I'm going home this weekend and I plan on boxing up every bit of my stash to bring home.

SueAnn, my coworker sent me a hilarious YouTube video and when it was over I clicked on the one next to it. You guys have to see this one:

Sadly enough, this was even more funny to me when I realize that 1/3 of the songs that I like are not because of the lyrics (which usually suck), but b/c of the beat, just like this poor family.

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