May 16, 2008 update

This is absolutely amazing to me...I'm updating my blog AGAIN! Must be because of Ravelry and everyone who might (emphasis on might) read it.

Anyway, an update on Andrea's Second Sock...

I started the baby cable ribbing last night and managed to knit three rows before getting too sleepy to continue. Quality knitting will be done tonight and tomorrow at the hairdresser’s.

Today was a case of the good, the bad, and the straight ugly...times two. Let's recap shall we?

The Good
Got off work at 12:30 PM. I love my job for this. They understand that it's SOOO hot that no one is going to work after 12 noon. Of course, they're couching it in terms of "energy efficiency" and "energy savings", but we all know what's up.

And I’m not complaining.

The Bad

Have you ever seen the Florida Driver's License?? Well, UGLY is an understatement. Of course, they snapped my lovely Georgia license. I never had a preference for driver’s licenses, but everything on my GA license was clear and easy to read. Can the Florida State Patrol read this license at night?
(on the upside, every single person at the Driver’s license bureau was so nice and friendly. I’m actually planning to write the state commissioner and tell him that, while the state license is ugly-as-sin, the people working for him are incredibly nice).

The Ugly

Ok, so May in Florida is the warm-up to Summer. The snow birds are leaving, the weather is above 80 degrees all the time, and wearing shorts to work is considered absolutely acceptable. Problem is, the air conditioning in my car isn’t working. So I made an appointment at Honda to get the car checked out...$69.99 to look??? Are you kidding???
So I take the car to Pep Boys. $39.99 for the AC order to find out that my 2004 Honda Accord will need $800-$900 of work in order to get the Air Conditioning that I don't use. ARRGGHHH!!! Stash Enhancement will have to wait.

And Again, here we go...

The Good

I received an email for a Senseo machine last week. Usually I ignore these emails, but this time, I decided to answer the email. Turns out, it really did come from the Seseo company. So I had a lovely box waiting by my front door when I got home.

Inside was this:

So of course I've started pricing Tea pods (don't really drink coffee except on weekends). I can't wait to use this and I've alreay told everyone about my new wonderful toy (even though I haven't used it yet).

The Bad

I hate chicken stock from a can. I use it when absolutely necessary, but otherwise I make my own. Much healthier, tastes better, and I know everything that went in it. Problem is, now the entire house smells like onions. Onions are one of my fav vegetables, but I don't like the entire apartment smelling like them...and I can't open any windows because it's 85 degrees outside.

The Ugly

I have to get a relaxer tomorrow...and I have yet to meet a hairdresser who doesn't end up burning my scalp. I have a very sensitive scalp, so I'm not looking forward to this.

Jeez, that's one long day.

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