May 23, 2008

The Yarn Tasting

Last night's Yarn tasting at A Yarn Outlet was absolutely wonderful. Let me warn you now, I packed my camera, put my camera in the car, and was so excited by the Prism Yarns in front of me that the camera never made it out of the car.

Anyway, I was the first person to arrive, b/c we were warned the week before that 10 people had RSVP'd and the store has an extremely tight fit. I arrived at 6 PM (The tasting was going to start at 7PM) and walked in to find Deb (the owner) on the phone looking really worried. The Prism table, however, was already setup with the Yarns on it, in the Clearance room. So I took a look around, quickly scoped out the yarns I would dive for when the entire shindig got underway, and went back into the main room.

Around 6:45 everyone started showing up and looking over the yarns and at 7PM the event was underway. I immediately moved toward this gorgeous ribbon yarn (Galaxy), only to be beaten by a woman standing right next to the table. GRR!!! She was very nice about it and promised to pass the skein to me as soon as she was through with it.

I spent most of the night trying to avoid the sock yarn (obviously), but everything else was either too novelty for me, had a bad hand, or was beautiful, but no one could determine a use for the yarn. So all in all, we loved the Yarn Tasting, but I think we might have had one too many yarn snobs there. Everyone was thinking that there was just too much novelty yarn.

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  1. By the time I got there (about 7:10 I guess) there were only about 3 balls of yarn left and one of them was a multicolored angora, my favorite!