June 24, 2008

Cleaning and Organizing

Well, I had a really good weekend. It started by spending some time at A Yarn Outlet, trying to help Debbie and Jim figure out what kind of web store they wanted (which reminds me, I need to call Debbie). I finally found an e-commerce solution that I thought would work for them, loaded a few things into the database, and went to bed.

Early on Saturday morning (...OK, more like noon, which is early for me on the weekends), Mom and I got up, had a little lunch at Panera Bread, then high tailed it to Orlando. It rained the entire trip.
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First stop: IKEA! My shopping superstore. Swedish Chic meets student budget.

IKEA had the HEMNES bed on sale for ~$179. Now that I'm home, I wish (fervently wish) I'd bought the bed. It is exactly what I've been looking for. Plain, white lacquer without excessive adornment.

$179! (my heart is crying. A moment of silence for my heart).

However, I didn't buy it because a) It was raining; b) I drive a Honda Accord, so c) I had no place to put it. (side note: IKEA builders if you are reading this, please finish the TAMPA store post-haste!)

So, while I didn't buy the bed (sob sob), I did buy the following:

  • hurricane candles
  • a new wok
  • an IKEA umbrella
  • 2 white bathmats
  • 6 oz juice glasses
  • red paper napkins (for 4th of July)

Mommy just wanted to get some of the cool blue bags...and a pot rack that could be hung from the ceiling. I am still asking why . . . she doesn't cook . . .

We went to the Mall at Millenia, which is Mecca for the shopping elite of Orlando. Naturally, Mommy took to it like a duck on water.

I hung in there gamely.

Odd thing was, I ended up spending all the money. I bought 4 pairs of shoes and drifted dangerously into the Jo Malone section of Bloomie's . . .(I love tuberose. Please don't ask me to explain). After that we got back on the road to Bradenton because Mommy was tired and I was hungry. Dinner was a Chinese buffet spectacular: Lo Mein, Mongolian Beef, and Egg Rolls. No we did not eat this all in one sitting . . .it took about two days.
red Beret
I finished the Beret. Mommy giggled happily and modeled the beret for at least 20 minutes, then picked up my catalog from Patternworks and said, "OK, I want you to make me a lot more of these in this color, this color, this color..."

(AGGHHHHHHH) Is she kidding me!? More mindless knitting???

I gotta find a pattern for these.

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