June 5, 2008

Stealth posting

I realized today that if my blog is going to be about me, then I have to post about work. Mostly because I spend 8 of my 16 waking hours at that place and not blogging about it is like denying my existence for 8 hours.

However, I have absolutely no intentions of being fired, so everyone is getting nicknames. . . and I'm keeping the nature of my job as non-specific as possible.

Today was weird at work. The BOSS is back and, while she appears to be tired, I think she's ticked at me about something. I don't know why or what, cuz all I do is sit in my cubicle and pound out reports all day.

And do her work.
And do stuff that she's hasn't even thought about. Because I believe in being ahead of schedule.

But she's definitely in a mood. My Sup asked me if she were job hunting (so the rumor mill goes), but I don't have any idea. Nor do I care. She's here now. I have to deal with her now. I actually think she's OK most of the time, but not when she's in this mood.

Yesterday, Velvet Steel sent an email to Big SUP to say the following: We haven't been getting anything out of the database about a major program. You need to allocate someone on your staff to work with us on this. DO IT NOW!

I was irritated by that, b/c Big SUP came to my office to chastise me for leaving him on the chopping block. . . except I can't save an ass I don't know is on the chopping block. So, we walk into Sup's office and call VS.

Why is it when you get on the phone with someone who has sent a nasty email, they get all apologetic, like they didn't understand the tone of the email they typed?

She gets on the phone, apologetic, to say that they haven't been getting that since some guy left and, while she's never seen an old copy of this file that she's demanding, she just wanted to get the ball rolling. . .

Kiss my ass.

So, not only did Big Sup chastise her for the email (which she CC'd to the entire world), but he also reminded her that it was MY job to coordinate these issues. So, instead of emailing it to a bunch of people who would never be able to get her the information she needed, she should have just emailed me.

Now, I know she wasn't going to email me, b/c she's pissed that I keep reminding them, via email, that they have a major commitment that is still open and has been open for two (2) months. But still...don't mess with my job, lady!

Jeez . . .

So, to relieve my stress, I spent 30 minutes rearranging my blog. . .I have to admit, I don't miss WordPress so much anymore. . .

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