June 11, 2008

Extra Encouragement Unnecessary

Well, it has been a fateful 5 days. On Sunday, I'd cleaned up the cast-on, gotten the twists looking correct, and had everything looking pretty again. The problems I had with the Bayerische socks hurt my feelings so much that I ignored them on Monday. However, on Tuesday, refreshed and ready to conquer socks again, I picked them up.

And put them right back down.

I just couldn't do it. Perfectionism reared it ugly head.

"Why are you going to go into the body (or in this case, the leg) of these socks on the wrong needles??? You need a size 0 needle. The smallest needle you have here is a size 2! That's 2 too big!"

I hate that voice. That voice interrupts soothing knitting, but the voice is usually right.

Mind you, I ordered a pair of sz. 1 and sz. 2 wood fixed circulars from KnitPicks, but almost immediately after arrival, the Size 1 split right down the center and proceeded to start snagging on everything...

So. . .why was there no need to encourage me?

Well, I called Knitpicks last night, to determine the best way to exchange the needle for a new needle.

Me: I would like to return a needle please.
KP: What's the problem with the needle?

Me: Well. . . .the needle split. . . right down the center. . . kinda like if you were to stand a piece of wood up and use an ax to split it right down the middle--
KP: Ahh...the needle split. OK. We'll send you a new one.

Me: (feeling slightly foolish for the long description)...umm...OK. How much do I have to pay for the shipping and handling.
KP: Oh, the shipping and handling is free ma'am. That's a defect on our end and we won't charge you in order to get a replacement. As a matter of fact, since the S&P will be free, do you want or need to order anything else?


I ordered the following:
  • 1 Size 0 24-inch circular
  • 1 Size 1 24-inch circular
  • 16.9 oz Eucalan wool wash (Original)
  • 6 hanks of Celery Gloss Lace

In addition to the replacement Size 1 16-inch circular.

Good customer service will encourage me to do unnecessary things.

Meanwhile, I've picked up the Big Purple Monster and will continue to hack away on that until the package arrives.

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