June 11, 2008


My Mother is here for a visit.

Mommy is a teacher and since school is out for the summer, she's hanging out with me. Until I left Albany, I never occurred to me that my mom could be my best friend. She's prissy, ultra-ultra-feminine, a shopaholic, a do-it-my-way-or-hit-the-highway, emotional sort of person.

I'm not. I hate to shop (which I attribute to her dragging me through every single store in the mall as a kid), I am very logical (to the point of being emotionally detached from most people and situations), and I never saw the benefit in spending all day trying to get dolled up and staying clean...(as a kid...as an adult, I'm spic and span).

The my-way-or-the-highway bit I did get from her.

Mostly, I am my dad.

(Still a little annoyed about that mall thing. I mean, literally, every single store. Even FootAction. Why? WHYYYYY??? I can't enjoy any mall now. Not even outlet malls. I literally hate malls.)

But now that there are ~350 miles between us, we can't talk enough. Or see each other enough. One call from Mommy and I'll make the 5 hour trip to go see her.

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Which in this time of $4.14 gas is not a small undertaking.

She arrived around 4 PM today and will be staying with me until July 4 weekend, when she'll clear out and my other best friends will arrive.

3 Weeks.

Sad to say, I'm almost tempted to ask her to stay through their visit but I know she won't. She already said that she's leaving when they arrive.


I wuv my mommy.

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