June 3, 2008

Is It Over??? Is It Safe???

Jeremy (resident Republican) came around to tell me that CNN and the AP just reported that Clinton is stepping out of the race.

I refuse to get excited...

Without checking out Politico, CNN, and the AP first.
Is it true? Has Jesus heard my cry??

"OH God WHEN will it end??? I'm beyond caring anymore! Just end the Democratic Primary please???"

Hey, wait a minute...

CNN: Terry McAufflie is saying she's staying till it's over. Other People (I love anonymous quotes, don't you?) are saying that she'll accept a VP slot.

Politico: Hmm...Lots of good stuff. I couldn't choose, so here's a screen shot:

AP: AP tally: Obama effectively clinches nomination

So, after getting my hopes up, the correct answer is MAYBE this sucker is still dragging on!!!!


I never thought I would say this, but the Republican's have the right idea: Everyone* meet at an expensive hotel at 8 PM on Friday. Bring your own Cohibas and Jack Daniels.
Also, bring a slate of Not-Even-in-a-Million-Years candidates to provide an interesting, but ultimately futile race.
Bonus points to the individual who bags a rich sucker who'll spend all his money (Mitt Romney, Steve Forbes) on a losing race.

*Everyone refers, of course, to Party bigshots, rich donors, fiery ministers, and ex-Presidents. This is the Republican Party, where a chosen few get together to do things in your best interest.

Just Kidding.

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