June 8, 2008

When Good Ideas go Bad

Well, my post on Friday was so full of hope.

When I last left you, I'd cast on for the Bayerische socks, secure and happy in the knowledge that I would have significant progress on the socks completed by Sunday night. However, I forgot to account for one little personality trait that crops up at the most inconvenient time: Perfectionism.

I never went to sleep Friday night, which meant that I spent Friday at work in a stupor. However, since Fridays' end at 12:30, I figured I could last the 4.5 hours. So I knit all night, making my way to the cable charts. That's where I ran into problems.

Somehow I had both too many and too few stitches. The cables were not coming out right, so I logged into Ravelry to see if anyone else had had problems with the pattern. Hmm...seems I'm the only dunce in the group.

I went to work, worked in a complete stupor, and when I arrived home, I looked at my progress.

Nope, would not do.

Cables in the wrong places.
Twists looking fuzzy.
General Havoc everywhere.

To add insult to injury, the beautiful cast on I'd chosen can't be joined in the round for at least 5 rows. So now I have this off looking pleat.

So, I ripped out the cast on and the 15 rows I finished and started over.

Unfortunately, I would come anywhere near that number of consecutively knitted rows the entire weekend.

To make a long story short, I restarted these socks five, no FIVE times!!! And I'm a sock QUEEN! I rock with socks! Socks never give me problems!

What is this about???

So now, at 10:00 PM on Sunday night, I have both socks, cast on, on a size 0 and size 2 needles, with about 8 rows of knitting done.

Did I mention I never went to sleep Saturday night?

I'm going to bed.

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  1. You knit socks for other people? O_O That's really nice of you, I have no patience to do that yet. ^_^ I queued those socks, now I'm afraid. Very afraid. Cables and socks...Luckily, Pomatomus is treating me ok. Just have to look at the chart the entire time. Good luck!