June 3, 2008

My Love Affair with Wordpress sours

My frustration with Wordpress grows day by day.

I love my Wordpress site, not because of the features (which aren't all that), but because of the theme.


The Ocean Mist Theme by Ed Merritt is certainly the most beautiful theme I've ever seen. . . and it suits my picture prefectly.

I switched to Wordpress (from Blogger) because it seemed as if every serious blogger out there was on TypePad or WordPress. Their sites were, for lack of better term, adult looking. They didn't look like a bunch of kids experimenting. They were individual, clean, uncluttered...

They were everything I wanted my little blog to be.

Nevermind that this was my third (3rd) real attempt at blogging. . .

I wanted my blog to look like a serious blog. But my blog looked like this:


Nope. Just not as pretty.

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "Well, just paste in an some custom code!"

Humph. I would if I could remember any of my CSS. To make matters worse, I still need a key for my copy of Adobe Creative Suite 3, and I have 4 days left on the trial. . .

I want a pretty blog!!! I don't want to have to code CSS for it!!!

However, all love affairs must come to an end. I now recognize that Wordpress has some major limitations:

  1. No Javascript

  2. No ability to update CSS

  3. No Javascript

  4. Limited Widgets

  5. No Javascript

It does, however, have some big advantages:

  1. Pages! I love pages...

  2. Themes. All the pretty themes hang out at Wordpress.

  3. Security. Because they don't allow Javascript (boo!!!), I don't have to worry about random hijaking of my site (like enough people read this site for that to be a concern).

  4. The Stats Tracking ability is amazing! I can see where you guys (all both of you) clicked here from.

(I just clicked on a new button and discovered the "embed media function". A moment of silence for my blindness, please).

So now, I'm stuck. Wordpress has the beauty my soul requires. Blogger has the functionality my brain demands. . . I'm not going to update two (2) sites, so over the next few days, I really need to decide if I'm going to shell out the extra money for the ability to edit code at Wordpress or if I'm going to bite the bullet and dust off my CSS manuals and get to coding on Blogger.

BLOGGER, you are OFFICIALLY ON NOTICE! Get Better Templates for the not quite Tech Savvy People like me! And ADD PAGES!

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